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Paul Adams - About this website

Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley, sand dunes, landscape photography, California
About the photographer

Paul Adams has lived most of his life in England and has been taking photographs since he was 10, beginning with the old Box Brownie.

Since then he has shown an aptitude for landscape photography, but also has interests in portraits, wildlife and vehicles of various types.

Throughout much of his professional career, in law enforcement, he honed his photographic skills by taking surveillance photos of suspected criminals, usually without them noticing.

After taking early retirement, he now lives in Western Australia, where he insists that the beer is not as good, although it doesn't rain as often.

He is widely travelled and is currently working his way through a long list of destinations where the scenery (and peoples) are known to be 'awesome'.

Recent destinations include - South Island New Zealand (about which he wrote the book 'To The End Of The Earth'); North Island New Zealand; an eight week tour of many of the National Parks of the western USA, the southern African countries of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe, Iceland, Antarctica, Costa Rica, China, Chile & Japan.

Future trips will include Vietnam, The Pantanal region of Brazil, the Serengeti, Alaska, Bhutan & Canada....and wherever else takes his fancy (suggestions on a postcard).

He is available for commissions in the Perth region of Western Australia. Please use the 'Contact' page on the above menu.

'To The End Of The Earth' is available to purchase, in paperback, through this website

Prints to order

Prints are available for all images displayed in the portfolio.

Please state sizes required and submit enquiry via the 'CONTACT' page. 

All prints are produced without the "© Paul Adams Photography" watermark.

All prints are made on gallery quality art paper (Canson Rag Photographique 210 gsm or Ilford Smooth Pearl 310 gsm), and have an approximate non-fade life of 100 years. 

The prints will be higher resolution than shown here. Lower resolution photos are used on this website in order to prevent piracy.

All prints are signed and titled by the photographer.

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